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At long last... You DON'T have to write all the content for your website yourself.

Let's face it, there are other important aspects of your website that need your attention and writing content or paying for ghostwriters or private label rights memberships with sub-par content takes you away from those things. 

That's why we created Yummy PLR.  To show you that you don't have to do it all yourself in order to keep your readers and the search engines coming back to your website again and again. 

If your website targets people interested in cooking, eating, homemaking, or recipes, you owe it to your visitors (and yourself) to check out Yummy PLR.

Have you ever...

  • Spent hours putting together articles and recipes for your website? NOT with YummyPLR!

  • Paid a ghostwriter the big bucks to create articles? NOT with YummyPLR!

  • Purchased PLR content that was really terrible? NOT with YummyPLR!

  • Thought to yourself "I know how important content is to my website and I know using private label rights content will help save me time and money, but I just can't afford it right now." NOT with YummyPLR!

YummyPLR will fix ALL of those problems and more.  

  • All of our recipes, articles and all other content are written by those who are highly qualified in the food and cooking industry.  They are ORIGINAL to our site, written by our college-educated writers.

  • We proofread and edit all content before it ever reaches your computer screen.

  • Did I mention that we're perfectionists? (Actually we're down-right picky.)  If we wouldn't put the content on our own websites, we won't ask you to either.

Quality content is necessary for online business' success.

Without well-written, edited and proofread content, you will never reach the highest potential of owning a website.

As a member of YummyPLR, each and every month you'll receive:

  • 10 Informative Cooking & Food Articles (in Word .doc format)

  • 30 Recipes (also in Word .doc format)

    The articles and recipes are based on one theme each month, so they could easily be turned into a special report or ebook that you could sell.

All of this content is PLR, which means you can edit it and use it for your websites, blogs, newsletters, special reports, and so much more, as you see fit.  We do suggest that in order to see the most benefit, you put your personal touches on the content before posting it to your websites. 

You get what you pay for right?  Well, in this case you get tons MORE.

For ONLY $4.95 for the first month and then $15.00 each month that you remain a member, you'll receive 40 pieces of cooking related content, including professionally written articles and recipes that have our personal seal of approval.

These articles and recipes will be delivered by email RIGHT TO YOUR INBOX by the 5th of the month, each and every month that you are a member.

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You will be billed only $4.95 for the first month and $15 for every additional month that you remain a member.

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  • Special Member's Only Bonus (Get access to our favorite resources to help you learn how to grow your business, use your content more effectively, and more.)

  • Money-making Tips (We'll share our favorite ways to make money with food content.)

If you have a website that targets people -- moms, dads, grandmas, college students, teens, working professionals, single people -- frugal, spendies, foodies... everyone has to eat.

Add these PLR recipes as a value-added bonus to your website, blog, in your ezine or even in a printed newsletter. For just a few bucks a month, you can provide more value to your readers. What's there to say "no" to?

Please Note: We Will Accept 250 Members ONLY.

Once we reach 250 we will no longer accept new memberships at Yummy PLR! 

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Helping make your reader's mouths water and leaving them hungry for more,

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Just look what others are saying about YummyPLR...

"Superb PLR Article Quality"

"Hi Nicole: I just signed up for the Yummy Plr membership. So far it looks GREAT!!!

The sign-up process was smooth and the bonuses are really good!  I love the ecourse with brandable reports.  I can see how they will all work together to help me use the content more effectively and grow my online business.  You even provide a FREE report on how make money from a mailing list!

But the best part of all are the articles and the recipes.  The first 10 articles and 30 recipes are GREAT!  The quality of the articles are superb, and I can't wait to add them to my blog. We all lead busy lives, but we all have to eat.  So I am certain that my readers will really appreciate the practical cooking and money saving tips that are provided in the first 10 articles.

I have a feeling I am going to LOVE this membership! :)  I already do. It's worth so much more than the LOW fee I agreed to pay each month.

I can't wait for next month's Yummy PLR articles and recipes.  "PLR that I can really sink my teeth into!

Darlyn Burkle

"Endless Plans for PLR Content"

"I just downloaded the first set of articles and recipes. I'm in love with the content! I have so many plans for this.

I also really like the free e-course you hooked us up with - I think my list subscribers are going to jump all over it.

Thanks for creating this membership - I look forward to next month's content!"

Cara Mirabella

"Much Needed Content at a Price I Can Afford"

"I am so excited about my new Yummy PLR membership!  Being a publisher of a homemaking website, I find that quality recipes are always in high demand.  The recipes in this bundle looked delicious, yet easy to make.  They use basic ingredients that you usually have on hand.

The article bundle was also excellent.  Families today look for ways to live more frugally, and groceries are often one of our highest monthly expenses.  Yummy PLR articles offer ideas and tips on frugal grocery shopping, meal planning, creative ways to stretch leftovers, and much more.

I'm already looking forward to next month's content!  Thank you for providing a much-needed service at a very affordable price!"

Jessica Gerald

Want a TASTE of YummyPLR with No Commitment?

We know that PLR memberships may be a new concept to you, so we're putting together some individual packs of recipes and articles that you can grab for a one-time fee. Of course, you'll save money by joining our membership, but, we know you might like to test us out first so we aim to please.

So, if you'd like a taste of our yummy content, check back often to see what we've listed below. Please note: These packs are different from the content our members receive!

Recently Added Packs: 

4th of July Desserts -
40 recipes for $9.97

Father's Day Recipes - 40 recipes for $9.97

Summer Backyard Party Fun - 80 recipes for $19.97

Memorial Day Recipe Pack - 40 recipes for $9.97

Easter Recipe Pack - 40 recipes for $9.97

St. Patrick's Day Recipe Pack - 40 recipes for $9.97

Crock Pot Cooking Article Pack - 10 articles for $9.97

Crock Pot Soup Recipe Pack - 30 recipes for $7.97

Dinner for Two Recipe Pack - 40 recipes for $9.97

New Year's Appetizers Recipe Pack - 40 recipes for $9.97

Other Available Packs: (for only 25 cents per recipe or $1 per article!)

Christmas Desserts Article Pack - 10 articles for $10

Christmas Candy Recipe Pack - 41 recipes for $10

SAVE 25% on the 2 Christmas Packs Above
Christmas Bundle Offer

Thanksgiving Day Casseroles - 40 recipes for $10

Quick & Healthy Fruit Snacks - 40 recipes for $10

Quick & Healthy Veggie Snacks for Kids - 40 recipes for $10

Fruit PLR Article Pack - 10 articles $10

Easy Vegetarian Recipe Pack - 40 recipes for $10

Easy Chicken in the Crock Pot Recipe Pack - 40 recipes for $10

Summer Time Smoothie Recipes - 40 recipes for $10

OR Save Money by by becoming a Yummy PLR Member!
(Members receive 10 NEW articles and 30 NEW recipes every month!)

Did you know...

  • Well researched and professionally written content builds personal credibility and expertise.

  • Fresh, new content brings website visitors back again and again.

  • Return readers are easier to convert to customers.

  • Search engine spiders love content and the more they find on your site, the higher the chances you'll be seen.

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Got questions? We have answers.

What exactly do I get when I order? I don't understand this.

We offer articles and recipes (in Word for Windows format) that you'll download to your computer. You can take those articles and recipes and do (almost) anything with them. You can edit them, combine them, add to them, change them for your specific area of expertise. Then, you can put them on your website or blog without linking to anyone or crediting us. They are yours. You can also use them in a newsletter or online ezine. Our service helps save you time and build a larger website with more value.

What can't I do with the articles and recipes?

You can NOT do the following:
Submit them to article directories (unless you rewrite the articles 100%).
Offer them through auction sites.
Sell Resale Rights, Master Resale Rights or Private Label Rights to the content you get here.
Basically this means that you can use them yourself, but you can't sell them to others to use.

How will I get my articles each month?

After you pay, you'll be taken to a page where you can download your first set of articles & recipes. On that page, we'll ask you to sign up with your name and email address to our "customers only" mailing list. Each month, we'll send you your new articles via email, as long as you remain a member. There are no passwords to remember, and you don't have to worry about forgetting to log in and get your content each month. It'll show up in your inbox by the 5th of each month.

What are some sample "themes" that you might offer each month?

Great question. Crock pot cooking, frugal cooking, holiday cooking, quick cooking, healthy cooking. Basically anything related to eating -- one of our favorite things to do. ;)

Will it be a hassle to cancel?

No way. We're very busy and we understand that you are, too. When you order, the processing company will send you an email that will include everything you need, including instructions to cancel if or when you decide to down the road. Additionally, each month when you are billed, you'll receive similar info. You don't need to call us or jump through hoops. We have plenty of customers and don't want money from anyone who doesn't want to give it to us. So, if you decide you have enough recipes and you just don't need any more, tell us and we'll cancel your payment schedule the same day.

What is your guarantee?

YummyPLR Guarantee: Because of the nature of returns and PLR, we will replace or repair any defective product within 8 weeks from the date of purchase, but ask that any customer who makes even one return not purchase from this site again.


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